About Us

Welcome to The Hippie Chameleon! 


I am Gretchen Schneider and I established the business in June 2018. I am a wife, mom, cat mom, and dog mom. I enjoy playing the flute, swimming, doing yoga, playing board games, and going stand-up paddleboarding. 

A little story about what brought The Hippie Chameleon to the world! In 2016, I signed up to sell LuLaRoe. While I loved helping women find clothing that made them feel confident and empowered, the business model wasn't for me. In February 2018, I started making changes to my mindset and business to help transition me. In June 2018, I launched The Hippie Chameleon online! I love being able to find items that I know will help other women feel confident. And, let's not forget about comfortable! My goal is to find items that are comfortable, affordable, and will make all women feel confident!

How did I come up with The Hippie Chameleon?  Back when my husband and I first started dating, I asked him to describe me. He said I was part hippie because I love yoga, natural healing, and care about the environment, and part chameleon because I can blend into any situation/environment I'm placed in. His description of me fit perfectly! So when it came to naming my business, it made sense to use a name that described me!

Thank you for stopping by! Peace & light!

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